Frame/Tree when the magic is finished Why Make It? I was a weakling
Torn Sunset Spilled Drink Oil RIg my life is to hard
It takes you It's only natural Gold Dots Four Heads
Eat the Weeds Drift Downward Sunset Cigarette
Chow The Ultimate Womam Tooth Theresa
Sheepdog Lighter Icebergs Green Landscape
Clock Beautiful Time to Go Brown Landscape TV
Sunset Sunburst Rocks Marcheline
Lights Large Flower Gold Couch Triumph Beats Merit!
This is the year you win! Prepare to be underwhelmed Glass Emotional Wreck
blank What To Do When Nothing Happens Upward Failure Maybe You Won't WIn
Make Friends with an Alcoholic Flower Being Canadian Isn't Everything The Mood Back Home
Monkey Lips Just a Lot of Eyefoolery A Gloomy Feeling Sheep Dog
Manet/Chimp Licks Bats Those People
Still Life/Child With Rubella Rome/Puppy Earth Works Daumier/Terrier
Baby Seal Flying Monkey Bite me What I Had to Do
The Chances Are That a Car Will Stag 84 Snoop with Pansies Pink Lotto
My Name Is My Name Is Crossbow Atlantic Wake and Bake
Lotto (after Porter) Free Beer